Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing – Syneron CO2RE

Fractional CO2 laser is the most advanced technology when it comes to skin revitalization, especially for the face. However, it can also be done on the neck, chest, and other parts of the body. The fractionated nature of the Fractional CO2 Laser allows the laser energy to affect only a fraction of the skin instead of its entire surface, thus speeding up recovery time and enhancing the results. CO2RE gives you the ability to treat both superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision-control over the intensity, pattern, and depth of ablation. This sophisticated treatment is a non-surgical facelift that targets wrinkles, acne and trauma-related scarring, crow’s feet and age spots. After just one treatment, skin is rejuvenated, smoother and dramatically healthier. By stimulating the collagen, which is naturally produced by the body, it will help keep the skin tight, full and vibrant.

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